Importance Of Websites

b1.gifInternet marketing comes of age

Internet marketing is now a major, multi-billion dollar industry.

Despite some concerns, many consumers now have the skills and the confidence to transact purchases using the web.

The spending on search engine marketing (the fees advertisers pay to have their adverts shown on search results and websites) is now measured in the billions rather than millions.

An Internet “presence” has now become essential

A modern, well presented website is now expected for most businesses and organisations.

A website should explain the products and services offered. It should also provide background and general contact information.

A website can also allow online transactions, from simple enquiry requests, through change of detail processing (e.g. address changes) to advanced functions such as supply change management.

Local business is affected as well

Many small business operators have been disappointed with the results achieved by their websites.

Sites have been created but few if any business has resulted.

There are a number of reasons:

  • unrealistic expectations;
  • poor website construction (not search engine friendly);
  • poor targeting.

Local search is growing in importance. Local search is the ability to search for and find businesses and organisations in the local area, that is, in close proximity geographically.

This will vary from business to business.

The local pizza shop needs to be quite close i.e. the same suburb.

For my consulting business, metropolitan Melbourne is the main target, although I do service the State of Victoria and Australia as well. But the focus is Melbourne, not my immediate neighbourhood.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN are attempting to offer local search facilities.

Webmasters can help by ensuring that their pages have “local” information that helps the search engines.

<!– removed 9 July 2006 – not relevantIn Australia, the main telecommunications company (Telstra) has a search engine/directory subsidiary called Sensis. Although it is yet to make a major impact, it’s ability to list web pages and extracts from the yellow and white pages telephone directories is an indication of the growing importance of local marketing on the web.

–>This ability to cater for local search provides real opportunities for small business, provided that they take the necessary steps to maximise their website performance.

Local search emerged as a major internet issue. No organisation can afford to ignore its importance.

The need to keep updating

Improvements occur constantly. Website development has been made easier, but the marketing challenge has become greater as more organisations have recognised the importance of web marketing.

Consequently, business and organisations, whether large or small, need to monitor their website performance to ensure that the opportunities that become available are utilised.

In summary, no business or organisation, large or small, can ignore the importance of maintaining a web presence.


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The following is a fuller description of the link quoted in the above article.

Sensis Search Engine – has an optional “location” search box to allow local targeting (within Australia) Please note: Sensis ceased to provide the “location” box in late 2005. Local word can now be listed in overall search term e.g. “time management training Melbourne”.


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6 thoughts on “Importance Of Websites

  1. Good post. I believe many websites aren’t successful because the companies don’t take the time to establish a marketing plan for their site. The foundation for this plan should be to make sure the website gives the visitors the information they are looking for in a way they can easily digest. Most companies simply publish what they find of interest and forget the website is for their potential buyers.


  2. Hey Thanx for all of your precious comments………plz do comment me like dis and let me know if i can make it far better than wht it is right now…And if it is possible plz send me new website designing project ..I will b working as a freelancer also…………


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